Good health is for chumps. I don’t carrot all

Me, secretly caring about my health

If you were asked how you felt about your current health, how would you measure it? Your waistline? Your hair? Your skin? How well-rested you are? For a lot of us, health means looking and feeling physically good about ourselves. But too often do we overlook what it really means to be healthy, so let’s look into the word “health”, shall we?

The term “health” was coined in 1722 by Mr T. Immunity, who was the founder and creator of the Timmunity. This is no coincidence, for health became the very foundation that built this great, monumental, global family. Little does anyone know, but health is actually an acronym, and a near 300 years later, it is just as relevant and true as it was the day it was discovered. So let’s blow this thing up, it’s time you knew the truth. Health isn’t just about your body, H.E.A.L.T.H. is so much more than that;

H appiness Across

E very

A spect of Your

L ife

T immunity

H oneys

That’s right. I am here to tell you the complete truth, that truth being that the number on the scales is not the only thing we should consider for good health. In fact, throw the scales out, you don’t need them to be healthy. The number doesn’t tell the story of how you’re feeling. Health encapsulates all aspects of our lives. I can assure you that there are millions of people out there in the “healthy” weight range that are not living healthy lives. 2020 seems as appropriate a time as ever for the Timmunity to get back to its roots, to remember the teachings of old.

So, if it ain’t just about the size of my gut, what’s it all about, wise-guy? Well alright sass queen, it’s not just physical. It’s about everything we do, it’s about the people we surround ourselves with, the places we go, our habits, our thoughts, everything we say and do. It’s about every aspect of your life, I would say you could break in down into a few categories. But, in saying that, I think it is far more intricate than merely splitting it up into just a few. Yes, that’s right, I am admitting that this is too advanced for even my thoroughly untrained mind. So, if an unqualified expert like me is still working on it, then so can you mere mortals. So let’s consider health, but in more ways than one. Here are a few examples, if you will;

Physical Health –  Yes, physical health is super important. but isn’t the only thing we should focus on for a balanced, healthy life. (Tim) Lord knows that there are plenty of people affected by conditions that cannot be measured by weight. To be physically healthy is to be balanced in our approach to our eating habits and how active we are. It’s maintaining a healthy relationship with what we eat and how active we are. If you wanna eat a pizza and sit on the couch on a Sunday evening, by all means go for it, my friend. Balancing a lazy Sunday with a more active Monday, with some healthier food choices and an exercise regime, is just that, it’s balance. But following the same inactive, sodium-soaked routine over and over again over a significant period of time is what will clog your arteries. B a l a n c e, my friend.

Mental Health – everyone gasps. The mental health guy says mental health is important. What a surprise. But, of course, we all know it’s true. How we are feeling, our thought patterns, the things we say and do are all a reflection of our current mental health. When things aren’t A1, are we turning to someone, are we getting it off our chest? The mental health guy would say that this is the most crucial element of general health that we need to maintain, because (from my experience) our  mental health sets the tone for the rest. If I am having a poor mental health week, the other aspects of my life generally follow suit. Don’t forget to water the pretty little flower that is your brain.

Social Health – huh? What in tarnation is that? I’ll tell ya kid. Are the relationships in your life healthy? Do the people in your inner circle have your best interests at heart? Good social health means surrounding ourselves with people who care about us, who lift us up when we need it. Sure, not everyone is going to like us (except me, of course), but being with people who do makes the world of difference. Those are the opinions I care about. If I ain’t coming to you for advice or support, I certainly ain’t adding any weight to negative things you say. Because being with the right people is what it means to be socially healthy.

Sleep Hygiene – ah, crap. I was hoping he wouldn’t bring up sleep. Buuuuut I did, because one simply cannot ignore poor sleep hygiene. And no, I’m not talking about how you smell when you go to bed (but, you know, have a shower if you stink), I’m talking about the quality of your nightly shut-eye. While it is all very cool, very swag, very hip to say you’ll sleep when you die, the quality of your night dictates the quality of your day. Believe it or not, a well-rested human will function significantly better than it’s sleep-deprived, zombie equivalent. While it’s sometimes easier said than done, consider your nightly, pre-bed routine, and consider how you can better put yourself in a position to sleep better. If your pre-kip habits include the use of screens/phones before you roll over, consider switching it for a book. The less we stimulate our brains with the lights and sounds of Candy Crush, the better.

This seems a good place to start. So let’s make these the priority this week. Being physically STRONG, being mentally IRON-WILLED, being a social BUTTERFLY and a sleeping BEAUTY. Now you know the truth, go and spread the word, the good word of good H.E.A.L.T.H. Godspeed, Mental Health Messaiah OUT.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other

Abraham Lincoln

Mental Health

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